When you’re ready…

My promise to you, my Lovelies, is to provide you with information in a fun and judgement free way. Unfortunately, there are some sides to veganism that aren’t so fun. When you start to get curious about the ethical side of being vegan, about the animals you’re helping by becoming vegan, you can look here. This section is purely meant to be a resource section. I am in no way judging a person who does not wish to be vegan, who eats meat or  uses other animal products. Instead, my hope is that you will be informed of what is going on in our world, to the animals on this planet, and what you can do to help, if you so choose to do so. I’ve personally found that the vegan lifestyle is treated much like Christianity, or other religions for that matter, in that it is a touchy subject and can make people uncomfortable to discuss. That being said- if you wish to leave a comment, you are welcome to do so, but please keep it as lovely as possible. Thank you!

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