Restaurant Review- Kalachandjis

Hello Lovelies!

If you’re in the Dallas area, I highly suggest taking the time to go to this lovely little restaurant, Kalachandjis. Authentic vegetarian indian food at its best!


This restaurant makes finding the vegan dishes incredibly easy by placing little buttons next to the dish names indicating what has dairy, egg, or is gluten free. It is a buffet style dinner and once you are finished they stop by to offer you dessert (which was AMAZING).

My husband pulled up their website and we found that they offer cooking classes as well! Yes please!!

While the story behind this restaurant supports a religion in which I don’t believe, I still appreciate the atmosphere and the beauty it holds. All of the meal prices are a suggested donation.

I enjoyed curried vegetables and potatoes, basamati rice, BBQ tofu, noodles, and topped it all off with blueberry halvah (which isn’t vegan, but I had to try!).

If you’re in for a “spiritual” experience and delicious food, check out Kalanchadjis! 5 stars in my book!


Kalachandji’s Restaurant and Palace
5430 Gurley Ave
Dallas, TX 75223


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